About Us

About Us


MicroNodes was founded in 2016 to provide good quality VPS's at a low affordable price. We specialize in high quality VPS hosting at a reasonable price point. We maintain server nodes in various locations to bring optimized to each customer regardless of the location. Our team has all had experience in the market buying VPS ourselves and understand what each modern customer looks for in a product. We designed the company based on the need to meet the demand of the customer. Even though we are unmanaged, we still provide support and are willing to help on most things to get you set up.


Meet our leaders:


Julian Levin (Systems Administrator and Chief Operations Officer): Joined the team as a founding member in 2016 as the original network and systems architect. He established the entire infrastructure of MicroNodes Hosting to ensure quality hosting services for all of our clients. As we grew, Julian took management of the support team becoming Chief of Operations and Systems Administrator. He now leads daily operations here at the company while also managing our efficient support team.


Harjas Singh (Chief Financial Officer): Joined the team as a founding member in 2016. Harjas showed to be a key piece in the growth of MicroNodes Hosting. He expanded sales and growth of the company and eventually gained promotion to Director of Marketing. As Director of Marketing, he brought expansion to the company. Now he works as Chief Financial Officer managing company finances as well as continuing to grow our marketing.

Our Great Partners

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