Datacenter and Networks

Seattle, Washington (Digital Fortress)

We manage our own 1gbps network [AS206213] through Digital Fortress Datacenter in Seattle, Washington as our datacenter. Our nodes have a 1gbps uplink port speed to provide blazing fast network speeds for all your needs and services. Our network ports are provided by Digital FortressDatacenter. The datacenter is a premier colocation facility in Seattle, Washington. For our LookingGlass - Please click here. For a 100MB test file download: Download here or a test IP to ping:

Fremont, California (Hurricane Electric)

Our cabinet in Fremont houses MicroNodes owned hardware with a 1gbps uplink giving our customers blazing fast speeds to all of Silicon Valley. The datacenter also has a redundant UPS power system with diesel generators to ensure constant and clean power for servers in the cabinet.

Our Great Partners

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