Terms of Service (Updated: 6/27/2019)

By subscribing to our services, you (the client) are in agreement with our Terms of Service (MicroNodes Hosting). MicroNodes Hosting reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service (subscription) provided with or without a refund or notice or warning under any circumstance for any reason. MicroNodes Hosting (“MN”, “MicroNodes”, "MicroNodes Hosting" or “Micronodes”) reserves the right to change anything on the terms of service at any time without notification to the client. It is at the responsibility of the client to check and stay up to date with the terms of service. If any client does not agree or follow with the new Terms of Service changes, their service will be terminated.

Service Payment, Refunds and Cancellation Guidelines

All invoices are created 14 days before payment is due. If the client doesn’t pay his/her invoice the service will be suspended until paid. Late payments can be a 10% late fee. After 7 days of non-payment from the due date, the service will be terminated and MicroNodes Hosting will not be liable or responsible for any data or file loss due to termination. MicroNodes Hosting provides a 24 hour refund period for the first billing term example: 1 month for monthly or 3 months for quarterly, from the invoice payment date, of a client using a VPS or webhosting plan. MicroNodes Hosting reserves the right to deny refunds for their services with or without any reason whatsoever (example: using support too much, etc.). All cancellations must be provided 4 days before the next billing due date. Refunds will only be given on new plans. Chargeback or disputes are considered refunds if within 1 day of a new service, however if it is not within the 1 day of the new service plan, then the service will be canceled and MicroNodes Hosting will not be responsible for data loss. All refunds must be requested through billing, otherwise it may not be eligible for a refund.

By subscribing to our service the client agrees that they are 18 or older and own the Paypal account or debit/credit card being used for payment or have permission from the account/card owner. The client also agrees that if they select 'subscribe' on the invoice when paying with Paypal that payment will be taken automatically by Paypal when a new invoice is generated or there is a new billing term. If the client has not already paid their pending invoice until a cancellation request is issued. We are not responsible for PayPal payments made from subscriptions not cancelled by clients as a result of a terminated or cancelled service. It is the client's responsibility to cancel the subscription in PayPal.

Service Level Agreement

MicroNodes Hosting does not guarantee 99.9% uptime, but this is our goal. In the event that uptime is below 99.9%, compensation may be given at the choice of the Billing Department Manager with consult of the Systems Admin. SLA credit will not be issued if our network or hardware is not to blame. Scheduled maintenance and server upgrades are not eligible for SLA credit. SLA credit will be equal to one day's usage for every hour of outage, not to exceed one month's recurring charge of the affected service, given in the form of account credit only or refund to PayPal at the discretion of the Billing Dept. Manager. You must contact billing within 5 days of the downtime to get your SLA credit. We reserve the right to deny a SLA credit claim for any reason. MicroNodes Hosting will not be liable to a client for damages or losses in any situation. MicroNodes Hosting is not responsible for security issues on services that we set up for you. Security is at the sole responsibility of the client.

Server File Backups

MicroNodes Hosting does not take backups of any services offered, thus clients are responsible for their own data. We are not responsible or liable for any data loss resulting from a client failing to backup their files to an external file server or other machine.

Client Server Sharing / File Responsibility

MicroNodes Hosting provides an area with the main purpose of providing hosting services and will not be held responsible or liable for a client sharing his/her account (with admins/sub-users) or files stored on the said account. In the event or time where shared accounts with other users (admins/sub-users) become malicious to the client (due to conflicting interest, argument, etc.), MicroNodes Hosting is not responsible or liable for this outcome or action. All files kept on a client's server are also his/her responsibility and holds no merit with MicroNodes Hosting. Any files which are copyright and used or uploaded by the client are also the client's responsibility.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

All Services

The Client agrees to not to try to change the products or services as purchased from the original specifications. Spamming the ticket system will not be allowed and may be service termination. Responses can take 24 hours.

VPS/Dedicated Server/Colocation:

Not allowed:

Abuse Complaints

If we get an abuse complaint about (example: email spam), we will send it onto the client. We will give the client 24 hours to respond to resolve the problem, but if we do not get a resolution or fix to the problem in this timeframe, then the network port of the service will be suspended pending a resolution. If the abuse continues or is ongoing, then we are allowed to charge a processing fee for abuse reports.

VPS CPU usage

A VPS will be autosuspended if it uses more than 80% of its allocated cores for more than an hour. Open a ticket to billing or support if you want your VPS unsuspended for overusage of CPU.

VPS Bandwidth usage

Once the client has reached 0% of its bandwidth left, the service will be suspended until the next billing term. MicroNodes Hosting is not responsible for a client’s service going down due to them using all their bandwidth.

Dedicated Server Bandwidth usage

Once the client has reached 20% of its bandwidth left, the client will be emailed. Once 100% of the bandwidth is used the dedicated server will be suspended until the next billing term or until the client purchases a bandwidth upgrade. MicroNodes Hosting is not responsible for a client’s service going down due to them using all their bandwidth.


MicroNodes Hosting reserves the right to not return customer equipment until all outstanding invoices have been paid in full. If outstanding invoices are not paid then MicroNodes Hosting reserves the right to discard or sell the equipment. The client is responsible for shipping their own server to the datacenter and paying the costs for the return of equipment. The client is responsible for paying all shipping costs which are associated with the return of the equipment of which there may be a fee for deracking and boxing, however a fee may not always apply.

Basic remote hands is included free of charge, which includes the following: hotswap drive swap, hotswap PSU swap, button presses, KVM access, read-outs. Additional or advanced remote hands is charged extra depending on the circumstance and is likely charged on an hourly rate.

DDoS Protection guarantees

DDoS mitigation is provided on services at the following locations:

Game Servers (Includes all services hosted by Multicraft and GameCP)

Not allowed:

Minecraft Servers

The client also agrees to not attempt to access any data or services outside of the client's given user directory. Client agrees to accept and acknowledge Mojang's EULA which can be located here. Client agrees to monitor and be alert of the usage their disk space usage. In the event of major disk space usage by a client, we will take action of this event and may result in data loss. MicroNodes Hosting will not be responsible for such data loss. Support tickets include basic installations, configurations, plugin support, custom modpack or file support, uploading files, and instructing users how to setup their server. For advanced plugin support, please refer to Google. MicroNodes Hosting reserves the right to re-configure, reboot, or shut down any server as needed in the event that it is adversely affecting the hardware, abuse of resources, or other users, with or without prior notice. Disk space is limited by default to 15gb to prevent misuse, if you require this limit to be more storage then submit a support ticket. We are not responsible for any data loss that occurs due to hitting these disk space limits.

Web Hosting

Not allowed:

Failure to adhere to the terms of service policy gives us the right to suspend/terminate the offending account.